Multiply Industrial Co., Ltd.

Multiply has two manufacturing facilities, one located in Taipei suburb and another one located in Shanghai suburb called Kunshan.
In 1980, the Multiply built first factory with 21,384 sq.ft. Since business expansion, Multiply set up second factory, which have much large space with 48,000 sq.ft. in Kunshan Shanghai.
Multiply have mission to produce quality products. Today' Multiply factories have six product lines, which include cartridge lines, housing lines, assembling lines. Block carbon lines, PP cartridge lines and housing lines have very high production capacity and very busy to meet customer and trend demands.
For assure quality and development; Multiply have hire four engineers involve in quality control. Product innvoations and new product designs. There are 320 employees at Multiply.

  • Built in: 1980
  • Staff Details:
    • Production,
    • RD,
    • QC,
    • Other,